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Auto Repair & Body Shop: Your Vehicle's Trusted Partners

Explore precision car detailing, expert auto repairs, 24/7 support, and free consultations – all under one roof at Fix-Rite.

Oil Change

Swift oil service for engine health and longevity.

Replace Transmission

Gears perfect, shifts smooth, effortless control.

Car Suspension

Enhance ride comfort with expert suspension system maintenance.

Engine Job

Major fix, peak power back, like new machine.

Check Engine Light Service

Decode mystery, fix trouble, healthy car again.

Brakes System

Expert care ensuring reliable and safe stopping power.

NY State Inspection

Hassle-free compliance checks for a worry-free drive in New York.

Transmission Flash

Precision service to optimize transmission performance .


Regulate your car’s temperature for optimal comfort and engine efficiency.


Pinpointing issues accurately with cutting-edge diagnostic tools for a reliable diagnosis.

Japanese Car Service

Dedicated expertise tailored for the specific needs of Japanese car models, ensuring top-notch care.

European & American Cars Service

Versatile service catering to the diverse needs of European and American car owners.

Body Works

From restoration to repairs, trust us to bring your vehicle’s body back to prime condition.

Tune-Up Services

Revitalize your vehicle’s performance with our thorough tune-up services.

Throttle Service

Ensure a responsive and smooth acceleration with our precision throttle services.

Flat Fixing Solutions

Swift and effective flat tire solutions to get you back on the road in no time.

Tire Changing Services

Seamless tire replacements to keep your vehicle rolling smoothly and safely.

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Car Detailing and Repair Services You Can Rely On

We are Fix-Rite Auto Repair & Body Shop, your trusted automotive partners. Committed expertise, unwavering support, and free consulting define who we are – dedicated to enhancing your driving experience.

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